The Constitution of the South African Pagan Council

The SAPC is dedicated to facilitating the realization of the ideal of a unified national South African Pagan society.

Its aim is to facilitate a forum of self-identified Pagans who wish to ascribe to its Code of Principles, to share ideas, thoughts and philosophies for the furthering of Paganism within our respective communities. The SAPC supports the idea of moral regeneration in society as well as the nurturing of environmental ethics in South Africa.

Regardless of whether you represent an existing Pagan Organization or speak only for yourself, you are invited to register as a member of the SAPC today.  Help us realize the ideal of a united and cooperative Pagan front in South Africa.

As Pagans we recognize humanity’s duty towards the environment and acknowledge that Nature is our Mother and teacher. We should strive to protect Her and to live in harmony with Nature.

The Code of Principles

  • We acknowledge the interconnectedness of everything and should therefore strive to practice kindness, generosity, hospitality and cooperation.

  • We acknowledge equality of the sexes and should therefore not regard one above the other.

  • We should honour those who teach and acknowledge those who have given themselves in leadership to the revival and advancement of Paganism.

  • We should avoid gossip and the repetition of unverified facts, and avoid passing judgment on others. We should not promote a spirit of animosity towards other religious paths.

  • Honour is a sacred virtue. Let our actions be upright, causing harm to none. We should at all costs, avoid deceit, exploitation of others, fraud, violence, theft, abusive behavior, substance abuse and any form of action deemed illegal and detrimental to society.

  • We believe in religious freedom and should therefore be tolerant and accepting of other Pagan and non-Pagan spiritualities and religions.

  • We should remain true to our highest selves and strive to act with wisdom and strive never to do anything that would bring our religion and spirituality into disrepute.

  • We should be honest with others and let them know that we expect nothing less from them. Our word should be our bond.

  • Pagans should strive to obey the just laws of the land and its government.

  • Pagans should strive to act with dignity. Let our words, thoughts and actions be in line with our philosophy of life, respect and reverence towards all.

  • Pagans reserve the right to preserve our cultural and Pagan heritage (including the use and carrying of swords, knives and ritual tools) and traditions in the form of rituals, doctrines, practices and religious holy days.

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