Project Spinning Wheel

Through years of devotional starvation, the Mother has been denuded of her “flesh”. The patriarchal and solar religions, with their blinding sciences, turned Nature into something capriciously pagan and therefore evil. As children of Mother Nature, let us commit to re-dedicating our hearts and energies to Service of the Whole AND return to the Old Ways, rediscovering our roots and the legacy of our Ancestors, and therevy return to our role of rightful heirs of the Earth’s Perpetual Promise of Life Everlasting.

Project Hypatia (Activism & Conservation Through The Arts)

Be politically active and advocate a return to the Chthonic Psyche. There is no time to waste. Trees are our life; sensitise others as to this truth. Deforestation must be arrested now. Campaign for the maintenance and preservation of our indigenous forests.Lead the way by setting the example – by becoming more and more independent from the “grid, grown your own food, nurture Mother Nature, recycling of re-usable materials and selective refuse disposal, caring for your “brothers and sisters” in the Mother and finding the Divine Essence in their gaze and diverse ways. Emulate their behaviour. Find time to “sit out” and listen to the “song of the spheres”, to the song of your “family”, rediscover spirituality and become a lover of Wisdom. “Speak” and demonstrate – learn to create awareness and mindfulness, as well as respect for the Great Mother. Move in synch with Her rhythms and do not try to bend Her to your own Will and Profit. Learn and teach that “enough” is “enough”. Become a conscientious consumer. Make way for equality of gender and species - Eradicate the ideology which has become “more real” than the truth around us and which threatens the collective survival. Be mindful of your every action. Mankind is not superior, nor more important than the rest of the Mother’s children. Survival of the fittest is a patriarchal lie – it means exploitation, enslavement to the “grid” and a slow death for all. Return to Matriarchal Society living, which does not control, rule, impose, forbid and punish transgressors, but rather provides for the group’s life, well-being, liberty and happiness.

Do not seek to dominate but to live alongside Mother Nature and her children. Do not horde more energy than what you need for your own survival. The Matriarchal way is not one of submission and control, exploitation and destruction. It is one of renewal and perpetual regeneration. “More is not better”. Strive instead, to bring everybody to the point of having “enough” to survive without impacting negatively on the rest of the Universal Family. Enough is Mother Nature’s wisdom and birth control. More and Better are the lies that lead to slavery, oppression, and population explosion which is progressively leading to the destruction of our Home. Start by recreating your own internal world. Make your artistic and literary commitment now and trust that the “ripple effect” of every stroke of your brush, of every wave of your melodious “song of transformation”, will reach out and envelop everybody and everything in the safe Embrace of the Mother. Believe that the energies can and will create the necessary change of heart that the Mother needs.