About the South African Pagan Council

The SAPC was the first Pagan organization to be listed as an official Pagan Church in Africa. It is a Registered Religious Organisation, in terms of the Civil Union Act No.17 of 2006, with the Department of Home Affairs and a recognised not-for-profit Community Based Organisation (CBO).

The objects of the SAPC as CBO are to further the religion and philosophical teachings of Paganism in South Africa and to provide assistance where applicable to those members of the SAPC in need.

The SAPC is dedicated towards the promotion or practice of religion which encompasses acts of worship, witness, teaching and community service based on a belief in a divine all.

The SAPC aims to facilitate a quorum of self-identified Pagans who wish to ascribe to its’ aims, share ideas and philosophies for the furthering of Paganism within our respective communities.

SAPC membership is reserved for individuals and groups who self-identify as Pagans, reserving the right to self-define as a Council.

About Our Logo - Why HERMES?

Hermes is the herald and messenger of the Gods, as well as the guide of mortals in life and to the Underworld and sometimes back.  The symbol of his office is caduceus (kerykeion), or herald’s wand.

Hermes personifies the matured Initiate, the Adept who is fully endowed with super sensory powers, such as intuition, clairvoyance, remote gnosis and vision, premonition, healing, harmonious co-existence, clairaudience, musical composition, inventiveness, etc.  He wears a winged cap which is a symbol of complete freedom of thought and terrestrial limitations, as well as his realized oneness with the All.  He is One with Universal Intelligence, the divine principle at the centre of the Cosmos, of planetary existence and of man.

His winged sandals signify swiftness in serving the Godhead which abides with every part of Itself.  Hermes is perfected man, who has freed himself from the limitations of time and space, and who is active in assisting the evolution of man and life on the planet, through guidance and the hastening of the times.

He is therefore the Hierophant of the Mysteries, the prototypical Enlightened Teacher, who brings compassion, self-unfoldment, upliftment and healing as well as purpose in life.