A message to Donna darkwolf Vos

Author: Ariana
Date: Monday, 10 July
“What if we are all unique, and the universe loves us all equally? So much so that it bends over backwards across the centuries for every one of us, and sometimes we are just lucky enough to see it.

No life is more important than another, and nothing is without purpose.... nothing. What if we are all part of a great pattern that we may someday understand. One day when we have done what only we are capable of doing, we get to rise up and reunite with those we love the most, forever embraced... what if we get to become... stars?” --- Winter’s Tale 2014

How does even begin to describe an ethereal being like Darkwolf, a few words does come to mind… bullheaded, fractious, willful and perhaps undyingly loyal to her causes and her communities… and yet none of these words will do her justice. Darkwolf in her entirety was perhaps a person that hated being famous for all the wrong and right reasons, her need for privacy was often overshadowed by her life in the public eye.

Few knew Darkwolf and fewer still were permitted to be part of her private existence. I remember her sitting sipping her tea wrapped in her favourite pashmina simply watching the room, yet even though she was soulfully quiet, every person was aware of her presence and when she spoke it was always with an endearing smile. She would dance in honour of the moon, pay homage to the sun, but ultimately, she would bow to the stars and thank them for the unending light. Such was Darkwolf, a soul which could never conform, never surrender and never bow before the restrictions. She was an artist in word and deed, a voice of “unreason” and a stalwart of both woman’s rights and animal rights. She was a very misunderstood daughter of the world a sister who loved without restriction and a mother to many. She was one of my most beloved friends, who I loved more than life itself, I fought with her and I loved her with my entire heart.

So, then I shall remember her one last time.

My dearest Darkwolf,

I will remember your words, wise and endearing, yet spoken with such passion and conviction. “Live your live dammit and screw everyone else”

I promise to not cry, (too much), I will don my highest hair and my favourite pashmina and I will dance in the rain, because this is just the type of silly thing you would do, not to make a statement, but because we have to celebrate in who you are.

I will stand every morning in my shrine and remember you as my Anku and I will watch the sun rise, remembering our highest law “to thine own self be true” I will toll the bell three times in your honour remembering he wonderful, deep and often confusing conversations we had over to many glasses of wine. I promise to laugh more, dance more and tell people that I care. Thus I shall honour you by laughing more. I vow to keep watch always at the time of Samhain and light a candle for a brief visit to our realm.

And thus my beloved sister, I say onto you:

Senebty, Wassail, Go n-eirí an t-ádh leat, Don-da-gohv-i!

As I look out to the sea and last rays of the sun sink beneath the stormy waves, I will remember you!

May the circle be open, but unbroken, may the peace of the Goddess always be in your heart. Merry Meet and Merry We Part, till we merry meet again!