Seasons of Love

Author: Lira Roka
Date: Saturday, 21 April
You were a child of Winter,
Fearlessly facing the heart-stopping cold.
In the warm embrace of Ursa
Bloomed a Hellebore eight-fold.

Frost gave way to leaves of brown and gold.
Nothing this year to harvest.
The ground still cold and dead.
I could hear in the distance Hecate laughing.
As we stood in rains of ashes... Becoming soaking wet.

From the ashes rose a burning sun.
In your hand you held an acorn and in your heart you were the tree.
You looked at Isis and you smiled.
She handed you a Rose of wisdom
And you handed it to me.

Summer turned to Spring
The Moon Flower bloomed in the twinkle of your eye.
You reached your hand to Aurora and asked her for dawn's light.
Never before did I understand what love was.
Never before have I felt such pride.

Spring gave way to seasons of infinity.
Love is letting go.
Your heart lighter than a feather
Anubis came and kissed you. Held you in his embrace.
You came... You went...
With the wind's gentle grace.

We have known the seasons of love,
And everything in-between.
Bloom peacefully little bear
Until we meet again.

Lira Roka